Serving Institutional & Private Lenders

GoDocs provides a competitive advantage to any lender, regardless of size.

User Friendly

Turnkey web-based document preparation system.
Intuitive user interface.

Minimum Training - Maximum Support

Virtually no training required.
Need help? GoDocs is here for you.

Efficient & Compliant

Easy and fast.
Fifty state legal compliance.

Making our software this easy to use was really hard.

How to get loan documents from GoDocs:

Enter loan information.

Download documents.

Laptop and Tablet Showing LDS Dashboard


  • Password-protected customer portal
  • Highest-level SSL encryption
  • Servers reside in SOC certified data center
  • Documents delivered via secure customer portal
  • Separate logins are available for:
    • Loan closing personnel
    • Closing department supervisors
    • Attorneys
    • Any other authorized third party
  • Spares GoDocs customers the tedious task of redundant data entry
  • We offer fully-automated integration with loan origination software
  • Our system will accept data from any standard format: excel, csv, xml, etc.
  • Simply import your existing data to pre-populate common fields

Adobe Acrobat

  • Secure — cannot be edited
  • Widely-supported — for easy distribution
  • Supports digital signatures
  • Best format for electronic distribution and remote printing

Microsoft Word

  • Word file format option allows for editing of documents
  • Password protected – allows customer to make changes when necessary
  • Widely-supported — for easy distribution
  • Best format when documents may need to be edited
  • Microsoft Word file format is available to bank and credit union customers only