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Loan Documentation Products

Commercial Real Estate Products

  • InvestorDocs® – Specifically built for business purpose loans secured by 1–4-unit residential properties
  • ApartmentDocs® – Commercial real estate loans secured by multifamily properties (5 or more units)
  • CommercialDocs® – Commercial real estate loans for all other commercial property types, such as office, retail, mixed-use, and self-storage
  • ModDocs™ – For any modifications, extensions, or assumptions


Built for commercial and industrial loans

Support Level Programs

To support our loan documentation products, GoDocs offers Standard Support, Premium Support, and GoDocs LegalNet™ level programs.

Standard Support Level

Experience unparalleled automation with our Standard Support level, offering the most sophisticated and comprehensive automation capabilities for a wide range of commercial loan scenarios. At this level, GoDocs customers benefit from the most cost-effective document solution, producing attorney-grade documents in seconds. Our unique, guided workflow includes an innovative automated loan review safeguard feature only available with GoDocs. This cutting-edge mechanism detects, highlights, and alerts you to any potential concerns, risks, or errors, providing peace of mind and enhancing the efficiency of your lending process.

Standard Support Base Document Packages

Standard Support Base Document Packages1 mean and include all automated base loan documents for our Commercial Real Estate Products, including the following:

  • ConstructionDocs/Flex Construction
    • Streamlined Ground-Up Construction Loan
    • Streamlined Ground-Up Revolving Line of Credit
    • Streamlined Ground-Up Bridge/Term Loan Combo
  • Term Loan + Repair Holdback Agreement/EZConstruction (aka Fix N Flip)
  • Interest Only (aka Bridge Loans)
  • Revolving Line of Credit (aka Working Capital Lines of Credit)
  • Term Loan (including DSCR/Rental/Build to Rent Loans, Bridge rolling into Mini-Perm/Perm Loans)

Standard Support Level – Base Document Packages

Loan Amount
Document Package Price
Under $250,000 $730
$250,000 – $1,499,999 $790
$1,500,000 – $2,999,999 $985

$3,000,000 – $4,999,999


$5,000,000 – $9,999,999 $1,500
$10,000,00 – $14,999,999 $1,860
$15,000,000 – $19,999,999 $2,465
$20,000,000 – $24,999,999 $3,105
$25,000,000 – $29,999,999 $3,740
$30,000,000 and Over See below for larger loan prices

Standard Support Add-On Documents

Automated ancillary loan documents for our Commercial Real Estate Products that are ordered with Standard Support Base Document Packages, including the following:
  • Guaranty (Full, Limited, Bad-Boy Recourse)
  • Entity Authorizations
  • Separate State UCCs
  • Separate Assignment of Leases
  • Separate Environmental Indemnity
  • Repair Agreement / Repair Holdback (aka Fix N Flip/EZ Construction)
  • Assignment of Management Agreement
  • Allonge / Assignment of Collateral / Mortgage Assignment
  • Cash Collateral Agreement
  • Side Letter / Undelivered Items
  • Subordination, Non-disturbance, and Attornment Agreement
  • Simple Tenant Estoppel
  • Super Tenant Estoppel
  • Operation and Maintenance Agreement
  • Spousal Consent Waiver
  • ACH Payment Authorization
  • TIC Agreement (Tenancy in Common Agreement)
  • Earnout Agreements
  • General Security Agreement
  • Same Name Certification
  • Agreement to Provide Insurance
  • Disbursement and Authorization Forms
  • Pledge Agreement
  • W9s

Standard Support Level Add-On Documents

Document Price
More than one entity authorization (each)$65
Undelivered items letter or side letter$215
Assignment of management agreement$185
Same name certification$65
TIC agreement and related provisions$90
Repair holdback agreement (typical, coded)$215

Cash collateral agreement – standard


Cash collateral agreement – simple


Earnout agreement and related changes – standard


California Request for Notice of Default


Standard extension option clause (coded)


Extension option clause (typical price – call for quote)


Standard partial release clause


Custom partial release clause – (typical price per mortgage/deed of trust)


Additional Deed of Trust or Mortgage


Additional charge for construction loans


SNDA and Estoppel (or either one alone)


Lease Subordination (Unconditional) and Estoppel (or either one alone)


Additional documents (ordered with document package)

Varies – call for quote ($80 min.) (Depending on complexity, additional documents may be provided in draft form, to be prepared/finalized by GoDocs LegalNet)

Additional documents (not ordered with document package)

2 x the “with package” price ($160 min.) (Depending on complexity, additional documents may be provided in draft form, to be prepared/finalized by GoDocs LegalNet)

Scan and proof legal description or other text

$55 per page or portion thereof

Choice of law provisions for security properties in multiple states – for each mortgage/deed of trust


Implement special instructions

Varies – call for quote (Depending on complexity, special instructions may need to be handled by GoDocs LegalNet)

Charge for non-standard title vesting scenarios: property owner not a borrower; other property owner(s) on title in addition to borrower, not all borrowers are on title to property, etc.


Especially complex or negotiated loan terms

Varies – call for quote (Depending on complexity, especially complex loan terms may need to be handled by GoDocs LegalNet)

Replacement Reserve Agreement


Leasehold Deed of Trust/Mortgage – each mortgage/deed of trust


New York “CEMA” consolidated mortgage drafting surcharge


Input mortgage chain for NY “CEMA” Consolidated Mortgages – per recorded document in chain


Loan documents provided in separate PDF files (per PDF file)


Loan documents provided in separate Word files (per Word file)


Pricing for loans over $30,000,000

$30,000,000 price plus $735 for each $5,000,000 (or portion thereof) increment over $30,000,000

Standard Support ModDocs™

Standard Support ModDocs mean and include all automated loan extension, modification, and assumption documents for our Commercial Real Estate Products, including the following:

  • Simple Maturity Date Extension
  • Same Rate Type (Fixed/ARM), Different Rate (examples below)
    • Fixed 4% to 5%
    • ARM changing Margin or Index (Libor to SOFR)
    • Different Rate Type, Different Rate, i.e., Fixed to ARM or ARM to Fixed
  • Simple Transfer of Loan Obligations and Mortgaged Property
    • Adding Assuming Borrower(s) and Releasing Original Borrower, or Keeping Original Borrower
    • Adding New Guarantor(s) and Releasing Original Guarantor, or Keeping Original Guarantor


Loan Extension, Modification and Assumption Documents

Document Package Price
Standard ModDocs Support $750
Premium ModDocs Support Contact GoDocs Customer Support for further details

Premium Support Level

Each Premium Support level order is assigned to one or more dedicated document specialists who will contact the customer if necessary to resolve any questions or issues, generate documents using the GoDocs Cloud™, then proof and finalize the documents. The Premium Support level allows for special instructions, non-standard loan terms, non-standard vesting scenarios, and customization requests.

Premium Support

30% of Standard Support Total

Standard vs. Premium Support
Standard Support
Premium Support
At least one dedicated document specialistNoYes
Help center, email, and phone supportYesYes
Typical turnaround time
(orders submitted by 1:00 pm Pacific Time)
Immediate1:00 pm Pacific Time the Next Business Day
Rush turnaround timeN/A 4 Business Hours 
Rush – prior to the 20th of the month N/A50% of Total 
Rush – on or after the 20th of the month N/A75% of Total 

First Redraw


75% of Base Package Price

Subsequent Redraws

25% of Base Package Price

75% of Base Package Price

Limited Redraw


25% of Base Package Price

Limited Redraw Criteria
(applies to Premium Support orders only)


Limited Redraws involve only one or more of the following changes:

  • change of month of closing
  • change of interest rate
  • change of loan amount

GoDocs LegalNet™

GoDocs LegalNet™ is a customer-centric legal ecosystem built around GoDocs Cloud™ commercial loan document generation platform to provide lenders a “one stop” solution for compliance, documentation, and closing services for any loan scenario or type across all 50 states. GoDocs LegalNet is comprised of a trusted and vetted network of third-party law firms, each with a proven-track record of delivering consistency in high quality, timely, and fairly priced legal services to their clients.  GoDocs LegalNet offers the following legal services:

  • Entity Review
  • Title Review and Title Instructions
  • Lender’s Escrow Closing Instructions
  • Survey Review
  • Local Counsel Review and Review Memo
  • Closing Counsel
  • Letter Affirming Compliance with Applicable Laws
  • Responding to Borrower’s Counsel Comments
  • Custom Drafting and Negotiations

For standardized fees and turnaround time agreements for Entity Review Services and Local Counsel Review Services, please reference the tables below. For all other GoDocs LegalNet services, customers should contact GoDocs customer support.

Entity Review Services

Standardized Fees and Turnaround Time Agreements

Standard Fee

  • $300 Single Entity Review
  • $275 Each Additional Entity Review

Standard Turnaround Time

  • For orders submitted by 1:00 pm Pacific Time, goal is 1:00 pm Pacific Time the Next Business Day
  • For orders submitted after 1:00 pm Pacific Time, goal is 1:00 pm Pacific Time the Second Business Day

Rush Fee

  • For orders submitted prior to the 20th of the month, additional 50% of Total
  • For orders submitted on or after the 20th of the month, additional 75% of Total

Rush Turnaround Time

  • Goal is 4 Business Hours

Local Counsel Review Services

Standardized Fees and Turnaround Time Agreements
UPL StatesKentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas
Standard Fee$275
Standard Turnaround Time
  • Anticipate at least a 1-2 Business Day delay in receiving the loan documents ordered through the GoDocs platform
  • Turnaround time is subject to local counsel’s review
Rush Fee$500
Rush Turnaround Time
  • Cut-off time for rush orders is 2:00 pm Eastern Time for Ohio and South Carolina reviews and 2:00 pm Central Time for Kentucky and Texas reviews
  • Goal is ~4 business hours
  • Request must be made directly to GoDocs Customer Support for coordination

1As an extension of the Standard Support level, GoDocs has certain “in progress” strategic roadmap products that include non-extensive customizations that GoDocs has committed to automate as part of the Standard Support level. Customers should contact GoDocs customer support to confirm which strategic roadmap products qualify for the Standard Support level.