Premier SaaS Solution
for Commercial Loan Document Automation

With 50-State Compliance Built In

Generate attorney-quality commercial loan documents in minutes, ensuring 50-state compliance. 

GoDocs’ smart automation streamlines closings, boosts productivity, and unlocks loan volume. Expand to new markets, scale business, and accelerate growth with GoDocs’ secure cloud-based platform.

“GoDocs makes generating our closing documents simple and fast, and lowers our costs. It helps us stay competitive.”

HomeStreet Bank

Trusted by industry-leading lenders, including eight of the top 100 banks and credit unions of all sizes.

How GoDocs Works
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Quickly Enter or Import Loan Information

Software powered by the sharpest legal minds in CRE, all types of commercial lending are supported. Simply select your loan type – commercial, multifamily, or 1-4 unit business purpose – then simply input loan information in minutes.

Step 2

Order Documents in Seconds

In just a few clicks, anyone on your team can generate documents that are more accurate and often superior to attorney-prepared documents.

Step 3

Download Documents Instantly

Instantly receive your loan documents in minutes, 24/7 with an immediate turnaround.

Easily Order Any Type of Commercial Loan Document

GoDocs offers products tailored to your exact needs. Commercial real estate? Multifamily properties? 1-4 unit Business purpose? C&I? Modifications?

We have you covered.


For all types of commercial real estate and C&I loans.

Easily automate your closing document generation process even for complex transactions, including construction loans.


For business purpose loans secured by 1-4 unit residential properties.

Obtain documents for 1-4 unit business purpose loans at record speed – helping you stay competitive. Including DSCR, rehab, and ground-up construction.



For all multifamily property types.

Our platform is flexible and sophisticated enough to handle a wide range of multifamily property types, including rehab and ground-up construction loans. 


Modification documents for commercial, multifamily, and 1-4 unit business purpose loans.

Generate loan modification and assumption documents for any existing loan documented by any platform. Reuse data for loans originally documented on the GoDocs platform.


Built by Lawyers Who Were Tired of Overcharging.

We’re the only cloud-based platform on the market with onshore expert support and flexible pricing to close loans faster and at a lower cost. Billions of dollars in loans per month are processed through GoDocs. 


It’s like ordering plane tickets, but for loan documents.

The flexibility of our platform cloud-based technology, onshore expert support, and our flexible pricing are exactly why we outcompete legacy solutions and third-party attorneys on every level.

Customizable to Satisfy the Most Demanding Lenders

GoDocs can be quickly customized to meet your exact loan requirements and it’s easy enough to use that anyone on your team can generate “attorney quality” docs in a matter of minutes.

Unbeatable Expert Support

We’re the only platform with onshore expert support and flexible pricing to close loans faster and at a lower cost. We typically respond to support questions in a matter of minutes. 

Powerful Enough to Automate

We require little to no training because our platform is built in a way that anyone on your team can use it. The enables your team to order commercial loan documents in seconds, 24/7, for any loan type.

Lightning Fast Onboarding

Anyone on your team can learn GoDocs in a few minutes and begin ordering documents in hours.

Still deciding?

See why GoDocs has processed over $200 Billion in loan value with an impeccable compliance track record.

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