Built for All Complex Loans - Small-Balance, Mid-Market, and Large-Cap

GoDocs is the only automated document generation software platform designed to handle complex loans of $2 million and up. Automating complex loans with the right automation software delivers true ROI to lenders looking for an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

GoDocs Complex Loans

“Even with our wide range of lending, GoDocs provides us the flexibility we need to easily generate our loan documents."

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Trusted by industry-leading lenders, including eight of the top 100 banks and credit unions.

Automate Your
Complex Loan Closing Process with Ease

GoDocs is the ultimate solution for simplifying and automating the complex loan closing process. Our software creates customizable and sophisticated documents — quickly and easily. 

See why GoDocs is built for all complex loans.

A platform that solves the challenge of expanding into new loan types and geographies.

Our intuitive platform ensures documents are 50 state compliant, allowing lenders to easily expand lending capabilities across all US geographies with accuracy and speed. 

Built for Complex Loans
Simplify the Complex

Loan document automation that provides custom loan package configuration empowering you to assemble complex loan documents, minimizing costs, and expediting loan closing in a consistent and custom fashion.

Unbeatable ROI

Automating complex loans with GoDocs delivers true ROI, giving you an advantage in a competitive marketplace. You can easily cut loan processing time and even reallocate staff to put their skills to better use.


Early Detection of Defaults

Automation that enables early detection of future collateral issues or borrower problems, allowing you to work through potential default issues before they mature into actual defaults.

Complex Loan Features

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See why GoDocs has processed over $200 Billion in loan value with an impeccable compliance track record.

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