GoDocs LegalNet™

A Legal Ecosystem Purpose-Built for the Commercial Lender

A powerful, innovative legal ecosystem purpose-built for the commercial lender. GoDocs LegalNet™ — cloud-based technology providing lenders a one-stop, digital solution for compliance, documentation, and closing services for any loan scenario or type across all 50 states.

"GoDocs supplies the conformity and flexibility we need in commercial loan documents. The platform is extremely easy to use and can quickly generate a sophisticated set of documents. We trust and rely on the experience of GoDocs for our lending transactions, no matter how unique our covenants or which state we are lending in."

Trusted by industry-leading lenders, including eight of the top 100 banks and credit unions.

Helping Our Customers Achieve a Seamless, Frictionless Process — From Beginning to End

We’ve built a legal ecosystem around our document generation platform, providing lenders with a seamless digital network for compliance, documentation, and closing services for any loan scenario or type.

Trusted and Vetted Legal Services

Using our experienced legal team’s 35+ years of commercial lending experience, we do the heavy lifting. We’ve developed strong relationships with legal resources all across the US. We select the best in the business to provide top-tier legal services within GoDocs LegalNet™ ecosystem.

We Integrate with Your Attorneys

Not only does GoDocs LegalNet™ provide customers with instant access to a network of legal resources, we can also integrate with your favorite and trusted attorneys. We streamline the process for you no, matter your legal resources.

Legal Depth at Your Fingertips

A robust digital solution providing legal depth for lenders for legal services, including entity document reviews, title review and title instructions, lender’s escrow closing instructions, survey reviews, closing counsel and local closings, local counsel review (including unauthorized practice of law (UPL) matters) and opinion letters, responding to borrower’s counsel comments, and custom drafting and negotiations.

Legal Network Services

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