Automate Commercial Loan Documents for Credit Unions

With no up-front investment, our pay-per-use pricing enables credit unions to create a frictionless process for member business loans. GoDocs is a next-generation platform that provides your closing staff with the expertise they need to close member business loans with confidence.

Credit Unions

“GoDocs provides us the flexibility to generate loan documentation for our wide range of lending."

America First

Trusted by industry-leading lenders, including eight of the top 100 banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Attorney quality documents in minutes.

No matter how unique your member business loans requirements, our platform makes it extremely easy to enter or import loan data and download your documents instantly.

Create Loyal Members for Life

GoDocs removes the friction involved with a typical closing process to help credit unions close loans faster, with less cost and better accuracy – creating an outstanding experience for your members.

Unlock Unlimited Closing Capacity

Dramatically boost your loan volume without taxing your team or adding closing staff. Unlike other software that requires extensive training, anyone on your team can learn the GoDocs platform in minutes.

Real-Time Expert Support​

All users have access to our team of expert in-house document specialists who promptly respond to customer support requests.

How GoDocs Cloud™ Works
in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Quickly Enter or Import Loan Information

Built with C5 DocEngine™ technology, all types of commercial lending are supported. Simply select your loan type – commercial, multifamily, or 1-4 unit business purpose – then simply input loan information in minutes.

Step 2

Order Documents in Seconds

In just a few clicks, anyone on your team can generate documents that are more accurate and often superior to attorney-prepared documents.

Step 3

Download Documents Instantly

Instantly receive your loan documents in minutes, 24/7 with an immediate turnaround.

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See why GoDocs has processed over $200 Billion in loan value.

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