Loan Modification, Assumption, and Extension Documents for Commercial Loans

Easily generate modification extensions, loan assumptions, and loan default materials for existing commercial, multifamily, and investor-owned 1-4 unit loans documented by any platform. You can also reuse data for loans originally documented on the GoDocs platform.

loan modifcation

"We have been a user of GoDocs for more than a decade. The platform makes generating our closing documents for large multi-family and commercial property loans simple, faster, and at a lower cost."

HomeStreet Bank

Trusted by industry-leading lenders, including eight of the top 100 banks and credit unions.

ModDocs, Loan Modification

A excellent loan modification alternative to risky in-house forms

Loan modification and assumption documents done right – for a fraction of the cost of law firms.

Support Loan Documents from Any Platform

Loan modification documents for loans documented on any platform can be modified easily with GoDocs.

Custom Document Packages

Document packages are custom-tailored for each transaction, lender requirement, and applicable state law.

Real-Time Expert Support​

All users have access to our team of expert in-house document specialists who promptly respond to customer support requests.

Loan-Types Used with ModDocs™

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