Doc Gen Software Legal Dream Team

What does a legal dream team look like within a
doc gen automation solution provider?

Key components of a software legal dream team:

  • Years of private practice experience representing private lenders, loan servicers, and loan originators for loan sales.
  • Years of in-house experience in the financial services industry, leading and implementing governance, risk management, and compliance strategies and programs.
  • Years of private practice experience representing regulated lenders, including state and federally chartered banks and credit unions.
  • A strong team with the gravitas and foundational resources and experience (private practice and in-house) to effectively execute on a 50-state loan documentation governance, risk (management), and compliance program.

A process that includes:

    • A legal team that creates new loan products, advanced loan features and options, and enhancements and expansions of existing loan products.
    • A legal team that understands the software development process and works directly with the product and development teams to produce accurate, complete, and legally compliant loan materials.
    • A legal team that oversees the QA and QC program.

View the White Paper Instantly

Click through to view the Commercial Lending White Paper: Synchronizing Doc Gen Automation and the Attorney Relationship. The white paper walks you through the intersection between attorneys and technology.

A Few More Dream Team Highlights

  • A legal team that embeds continuous product improvement into its strategy and operations of software development and enhancements by leveraging customer feedback, customization requests, legal developments and trends, legal network collaboration (i.e., GoDocs LegalNet), market research, etc.
  • A legal team that will provide prompt and accurate guidance on how to use the automated system to accurately document a lender’s more complex loans.
  • A legal team that will provide training for customers to provide education and insights to improve each customer’s loan processing, closing, and servicing teams.
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