Big News! LoanDocSolutions is changing its name to GoDocs.

We are pleased to announce that LoanDocSolutions is changing its name to GoDocs. Our public website has already been re-branded and we will complete the process of changing emails and other references to our domain over the next couple of weeks. With a brand new web application capable of generating documents for standard transactions on an immediate basis, we thought it was a good time for refreshing our name and pubic website.

Okay, I’ll go ahead and share a little back story. As many of you know, our company name used to be RoboDocs. For reasons I won’t go into here, we decided to change the company name back in 2012. While kicking around new names with my family, my youngest daughter Ashley, who was 7 years old then, came up with the name GoDocs and, miracle of miracles, the domain name was available – and I nabbed it. Those who favored a more serious name prevailed, and we ended up going with the name LoanDocSolutions. Ashley is 16 now and she is very pleased that we are changing the company name to the one she picked!

To be frank, I never loved the name LoanDocSolutions. It’s a mouthful. Because it is a mouthful, everyone ended up wanting to call us LDS, which I never liked.

By contrast I really love the name GoDocs – so simple, easy to say, and easy to remember.

There is a lot to be said for “easy to remember.” Have you ever heard of a company called Jomax Technologies? Hardly anyone else had ever heard of that company either . . . until they changed their name to GoDaddy! We hope our customers like our new name – it is certainly easier to remember – and to say – than our former name!

Go easy, go fast, go forward . . . with Go Go GoDocs!

– Gary J. Highland