In a prior post I announced the implementation of a number of modernization and cleanup changes to GoDocs documents.
The purpose of this post is to announce that GoDocs is now implementing a second batch of modernization changes. As before, please email me if you would like for me to send you a PDF containing selected excerpts from the ABA style manual providing the rationale for this second round of changes.
As we proceed with further modernization and cleanup changes to GoDocs documents there will be numerous additional small changes to many documents that are either completely stylistic, or clarify/simplify existing provisions in non-substantive or non-material ways. We will not undertake to provide advance notice of these small changes as they affect so many documents that specific notification of each change is impractical and unnecessary.
The changes announced in my prior post announcing Round 1 of the modernization changes, together with the second round of modernization changes announced in this post are the only modernization/cleanup changes now contemplated that are significant enough that we felt it appropriate to notify customers in advance. We will certainly let you know in advance before making any material substantive changes.
– Gary J. Highland