Commercial Lenders Shift Focus with Bridge Lending

Why should savvy lenders look to bridge loans at this time?

We just recently had a conversation with a non-QM lender that had shifted everything over to bridge lending. This was so they could make bigger loans with less risk involved, particularly with 6- or 12-month interest-only bridge loans. This scenario also creates great churn and burn on capital and is perfect for today’s environment with high-interest rates.

As you know, these loans provide short-term, IO financing to provide funds in the following ways:

  • For repairs and cosmetic improvements
    To provide financing as a transition from a construction loan to permanent financing; and/or
  • To provide working capital for a borrower’s business operations.

However, borrowers are not eager to get into long-term high-interest-rate loans; lenders have tightening capital limitations, so lenders are lowering the LTV ratio for their loans (resulting in lower loan amounts).

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Meeting in the Middle

With fewer conventional loan funds available, lenders and borrowers can meet in the middle with short-term interest-only bridge loans. These options can help all parties get through these tough economic times with less exposure to risk. Bridge loans also provide short-term relief for non-QM borrowers who want interest-only funds to acquire and improve 1-4 unit rental properties without having to commit to long-term, high-interest rate financing.

These loan options will also prove beneficial to developers looking for short-term financing for new MFH and retail projects that are leasing up more slowly and, thus, are not stabilized sufficiently to qualify for a favorable permanent loan. With economic uncertainty as prevalent as it is right now, lenders can benefit from catering to these niche borrower needs with bridge loans.

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