Commercial Lenders Shift Focus with C&I Lending

Diversify and Expand C&I Lending

In an uncertain economy hovering between inflation and recession, businesses need additional working capital lines of credit to even out cash flow needs, provide additional capital for acquisitions, and fund capital improvements. Additionally, businesses have less revenue to fund new inventory, new equipment, etc., so lines of credit are needed to fill the capital gap — cue C&I lending.

A growing regional bank customer approached us because they wanted to diversify and expand their C&I loan products. This bank was responding to a greater demand from its borrowers to provide business credit financing to meet a variety of needs, including:

  • Smoothing out cash flow;
  • Taking advantage of asset acquisition opportunities; and
  • Building up inventory during times of abundance as insurance against future supply chain disruptions.

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We worked with the bank to adapt and expand their original loan products to provide comprehensive, compliant, and creative document packages to meet these unique needs borne out of the current economic conditions.

Global supply chain problems present huge disruptions in cash flow for a variety of industries, including retail sales, construction, and inventory warehouse distribution centers. This cash flow crunch has caused many businesses to seek interim financing solutions to help them meet periodic payroll and other operating expenses shortfalls.

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In addition, in the current unstable economic market, lenders have a greater need to employ cash management tools (i.e., soft or hard lockboxes, springing lockboxes, detailed revenue waterfall requirements, etc.) that permit lenders to manage the flow of funds for its borrowers to make certain that business expenses, including debt expenses, are paid on a timely basis before the borrowers’ funds are employed for other capital expenses.

Raising the Bar on C&I Lending

With GoDocs C&IDocs™, the capabilities are robust, easy to use, and come with the most comprehensive and versatile built-in lender protections. Lenders can engage in the dynamic platform to create a range of capabilities, from easy to the most complex, to support their specific C&I underwriting requirements.

Below are several highlights of the C&IDocs platform include the ability to document the following transactions:

  • Term loans (single disbursement with interest-only or amortizing repayment options);
  • Line of credit loans (multiple disbursements typically used for collateral types representing equipment, vehicles, or inventory);
  • Revolving line of credit loans (borrowing base transactions secured by multiple collateral types, such as inventory, receivables, intellectual property, equipment, accounts, etc.);
  • Business line of credit loans (revolving or non-revolving) secured by all business assets; and
  • Interest-only bridge loans secured by a pledge of ownership interest(s) and/or a business assets general security agreement.
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