GoDocs Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Founded with the mission of developing full automation for commercial loan documentation.

GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, today announces June as its 25th year in business and two and a half decades of leading the industry with automated solutions for the commercial lending space. GoDocs was founded with the mission of developing full automation for commercial loan documentation. With lenders ranging in asset size from $100M to $1T, essentially 100% retention of customers, and year over year growth now at 75%, GoDocs has achieved its original mission.

As a true pioneer in the space, the GoDocs founder, Gary Highland, developed the first iteration and the first-ever system with the degree of automation being offered for commercial real estate of all kinds, making GoDocs a true disruptor in the marketplace. Highland, starting out as a lawyer specializing in the documentation for closing commercial real estate loans, quickly realized that technology had the potential to transform the industry. He took it upon himself to further develop his own skillset to build the technology that the industry needed.

The Vision: There had to be a better way to manage loan documentation.

“It was clear to me that there had to be a better way to manage loan documentation in a way that would benefit both the lender and the borrower. This gap in the market gave me the vision for GoDocs. Since those early days, technology has continued to evolve and we have worked to provide forward-thinking solutions and build a system that allows users to stay ahead in a competitive market,” said founder Gary Highland.

Going into its 25th year, GoDocs is looking forward to gaining a greater market share through brand awareness and continuing to provide excellent customer service while also leveraging emerging technology. In just the past year, GoDocs has expanded its leadership team and introduced a Nationwide Account Management Team. These changes have helped GoDocs cultivate new partnerships and offer advanced end-to-end solutions through integration that eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and accelerates the loan closing process.

Addressing critical areas in the nation’s economy…

“This latest milestone has further emboldened us to provide our customers with best-in-class technology and exceptional customer service that allows them to reach their own growth potential. We are now expanding our product line to C&I loans and integrating our platform to loan origination and core banking platforms. GoDocs helps lower costs for both lenders and borrowers and accelerates the closing process for single and multi-family commercial projects. With the nation facing a housing shortage and an affordability gap, we see it as our mission to help lenders address these critical areas in the nation’s economy,” said CEO Steve Butler.

While other companies have come and gone throughout the years, GoDocs has become a fixture and a trusted partner. GoDocs continues to be at the forefront when it comes to utilizing the latest technology and understanding the pain points that commercial lenders and borrowers experience. This has allowed them to find new ways to pursue its mission of streamlining the loan documentation process while also significantly cutting costs and expanding loan volume. 

It’s definitely something worth celebrating.

GoDocs is excited about what the future will bring, and it is always nice to take a moment to celebrate milestones and reflect on how the company has grown. Twenty-five years of leading commercial lending is definitely something worth celebrating as they continue to transform the industry.

About GoDocs

GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, offers next-generation software solutions for banks, credit unions, and private lenders to create a streamlined process for closing commercial loans. They provide lenders and borrowers with access to the first and only purely cloud-based system that offers a solution that is both flexible and frictionless. This allows commercial lending to operate at scale. GoDocs has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to modernizing organizations and embracing the power of digital transformation. Today, the company is trusted by industry-leading banks and is proud to back its solutions with onshore support for a seamless experience.

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