Pitbull Conference 2022 — Key Biscayne, Florida

Pitbull Conference
54th National Private Lending Event

The 2022 Pitbull Conference is set to take place on March 26-28th at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida. This exciting event will bring together guests, sponsors, and notable speakers from around the country. Attendees represent leaders from all areas of the private lending industry. The conference provides the perfect opportunity to network and learn about innovative new ideas and solutions that are moving the industry forward. 

What to Expect at the Pitbull Conference

Pitbull Conference TechnologyThis three-day event kicks off with a golf tournament followed by a post-game celebration and awards ceremony. On Sunday from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, the VIP Cocktail Party will bring together sponsors and guests for a fun and festive evening. If you want to avoid lines, be sure to take advantage of the early check-in option that begins at 4 pm. Monday, the conference really gets down to business with various panels and speakers throughout the day. The conference will wrap up with a final after-party where everyone can mingle and enjoy the outdoors. 

Must-Attend Sessions at the Pitbull Conference

If you are a fan of Leonard Rosen, be sure to be on time for his 9 am opening keynote address. Rosen is not only a seasoned professional in the financial services industry, he is also the Pitbull Conference CEO and Executive Director of the National Private Lenders Association (NPLA). You might also recognize him from his time anchoring for the Financial News Network or hosting “Financial News with Leonard Rosen.” With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he will be sharing some of the wisdom he has collected throughout his career.


The ‘Women of Influence” panel should also be on your schedule. It will be hosted by Jennifer McGuinness, President of Invigorate Finance. Pitbull Conference Panelists will include female leaders from across the private lending space. Guests will have the chance to listen to today’s most distinguished executives discuss their experiences and the future of the industry.


The Pitbull Conference afternoon sessions will begin with a presentation by keynote speaker Jonathan Hornik who is an attorney specializing in private lender law. Hornik will not only be sharing his advice when it comes to originating, borrowing, and lending private money but also provide an overview of new legislation that lenders need to be aware of.

Building Your Technology Infrastructure

The National Private Lenders Association is pleased to present this unique panel of technology-based service providers. Learn from this select group of Pitbull Conference experts on how technology can aid your business’s efficiency, growth, and profitability. The future of commercial lenders will depend heavily on their ability to incorporate and leverage these new technologies.


Steve Butler Pitbull Conference PanelistSteve Butler, CEO of GoDocs, is a notable panelist. He will be there to discuss how the commercial real estate industry is evolving and how technology is playing an increasingly important role in providing innovative, customer-focused solutions. Ultimately, companies are looking to improve efficiency and productivity, and technology is essential to meeting these goals and successfully positioning the business for the future. 


The necessity for these types of technology has been made even more apparent by the pandemic. Traditionally, the lending industry has been slow to embrace digitization. It didn’t seem prudent to put expediting a loan ahead of establishing a relationship with the bank. However, when COVID made face-to-face meetings practically impossible, digitization became the new norm. This was further helped along by an influx of small business loan requests driven by the Paycheck Protection Program.


During these unprecedented times, GoDocs has been leading the digital transformation and delivering a faster, better, and easier way of handling lending. By digitizing loan documents and automating the closing process, GoDocs has helped accelerate growth by eliminating expensive attorney costs and delays. Users can generate streamlined, compliant documents in minutes for commercial real estate loans at record speed. This translates into the ability to quickly support an increased volume of loans, maintain a competitive advantage, and increase profitability. 


Learning more about the vision of the digital commercial loan is just one compelling reason to secure your spot at the 2022 Pitbull Conference. Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to network with other industry leaders and get a first glance at emerging solutions that are already making major waves. If you want to give your business a leg up in a competitive industry, the Pitbull Conference is a must-attend event.

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