Pitbull Conference Recap — It’s a Wrap and Technology is the Buzz

Pitbull Conference Recap — the 54th National Private Lending Event

Filled with palm trees, sunshine, and private lenders from across the country, the Pitbull Conference was a must-be-at event in Miami this week. Bringing together essential solutions and industry leaders, this sold-out three-day conference provided the perfect opportunity to network and hear from top execs about the evolutions happening in today’s market. If you weren’t able to attend this year, here is a quick Pitbull Conference Recap from the GoDocs team.


For golfers who wanted to show their game was up to scratch, the conference kicked off on Saturday with a golf tournament at the Miami Beach Golf Club. Known for the South Beach International Amateur Tournament, the Miami Beach Golf Club hosted Pitbull attendees for a rousing game of golf followed by an awards ceremony and post-tournament party. Golfers were paired up into teams, making it an excellent opportunity to meet some of the conference regulars and newcomers.

The Pitbull

Conference-goers got down to business on Monday. The Pitbull himself, Leonard Rosen, opened up the morning sessions. Rosen started The Pitbull Conference nearly 20 years ago and has been a pillar in the financial services market for many decades. Celebrating his 70th birthday this year, Rosen welcomed guests and got the conference started in style.

Capital Providers Panel

The first panel of the day was hosted by attorney Jonathan Hornik. Hornik, who specializes in private lender law, was joined by executives from some of the country’s top capital-providing firms. In a riveting discussion, panelists discussed the state of the economy and industry. Noting the impact of rates on the market, Roc Capital CCO, Eric Abramovich, gave insight into how his company is helping lenders remain competitive through this shift. 

Pitbull Conference Recap
Women of Influence Panel

Hosted by Jennifer McGuinness, President of Invigorate Finance, panelists included top female executives from across the private lending space. The speakers from Residential Capital Partners, The Mortgage Office, Citigroup, MoneyBroker Canada, and RAI Group, discussed their experiences in the industry and looked into the future of the private lending sphere. 

Pitbull Conference Recap
Utilizing Technology

Technology was the top of mind during the conference. With the boom of unprecedented commercial loan volumes in today’s market, CRE borrowers require lower costs, faster closings, and better lending experiences. Private lenders will need to adopt strategies to stay ahead of the game including leveraging software solutions that increase growth and profitability. 

GoDocs, a proud sponsor of the conference and leading panel participant, plays a primary role in this digital transformation through automating loan documents and the closing process —  accelerating lender growth by eliminating expensive attorney costs and delays

To stay competitive, lenders must offer digital solutions that provide flexibility on loan types, financing and payment options, deal complexity, and the collateral complexity required to complete a transaction. GoDocs has been leading the digital transformation and delivering a faster, better, and easier way of closing loans for our private lenders.

That’s a Wrap

The conference ended on a high note at the Axylyum After Party. Friends, colleagues, new connections, and old enjoyed cocktails on the Grand Lawn before sunset. 

Overall, as you can see here in the Pitbull Conference Recap, it was apparent that there is tremendous optimism about the growth of the private lending market and the real estate world. With good direction and excellent investment opportunities, private lending shows no signs of slowing.  

The Pitbull Conference offered great insight into the industry’s momentum. And with that momentum, as the commercial lending and real-estate spaces grow, lenders must integrate technology to streamline their lending processes.

With the need to stay competitive, GoDocs helps accelerate growth by eliminating expensive attorney costs and delays. No matter how unique your documentation requirements are, our platform makes it easy to enter or import loan data and instantly download attorney-quality closing documents.

We are excited to be a pivotal contributor to the next-gen technology for commercial lending and excited to help the private lending sector continue to thrive. We hope you enjoyed this Pitbull Conference Recap for 2022!

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