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Whether a project is for ground-up construction, major rehabilitation, or the modest or minor rehabilitation to re-purpose an underperforming project, ConstructionDocs™ provides the flexibility to manage the financing of any development project.


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Configure construction loan packages with ease.

ConstructionDocs™ — A next-generation platform that creates a frictionless process for producing complete construction loan packages that include all rights and remedies necessary for a lender.

Custom Document Packages

Document packages are custom-tailored for each transaction, lender requirement, and applicable state law.

50-State Compliance

Fifty-state compliance provides a uniform document platform for lenders who make loans in multiple states.

Real-Time Expert Support

All users have access to our team of expert in-house document specialists who promptly respond to customer support requests.

ConstructionDocs™ Loan Types

Lender's Guide

Guide to Construction Loan Issues for the Commercial Loan Market

An easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide that outlines all the important issues related to commercial construction lending and documentation best practices.

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