Lender’s Guide to Automating the Complex Loan

Complex Loans Valued at $2 Million and Above

In the realm of commercial real estate loans, an enduring challenge has persisted when it comes to handling complex loans valued at $2 million and above. This segment, historically deemed too intricate, has seen a reluctance among lenders to embrace automation for loan documentation.

An Underdeveloped Technology Advancement: A Digital Transformation

GoDocs has released a guide that clarifies the issues associated with this under-developed technology advancement as it pertains to the share of the market. The guide defines a complex loan, examines different components of the complex loan, outlines considerations that have to be made when processing these types of loans, and other critical information. It is a truly valuable resource for lenders.

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The Lender’s Guide to
Automating the Complex Loan

Capture key insights into how commercial lenders can automate small-balance, mid-market, and large-cap loan documentation with advanced technology.

25 Years of Undisputed Automated Closing Documents

Ultimately, GoDocs has been automating closing documents for loans of all sizes for over 25 years. Not only is this technology built for small-cap loans, it includes loans of all sizes. Mid-cap and large loans can take advantage of this technology to automate complex loans and large loans without the need for expensive attorney costs associated. All loan documentation is compliant and accurate and can exponentially accelerate the loan process while also allowing lenders to increase their loan volume, utilize resources effectively and efficiently, and hire accordingly. 

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Automating Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, and Large-Cap Commercial Loans

The days when automated loan documentation generation was limited to traditional loan requirements are now a part of a historical legacy. GoDocs is the only fully complete, compliant, and accurate system that can handle the automated documentation of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap complex loans.

The Future of Loan Document Automation

There is no other product that offers this range of loan automation capabilities.

For lenders, this latest guide from GoDocs is a must download. It offers valuable insights into the future of automated loan documentation and solidifies GoDocs’ standing as the leader in commercial loan documentation generation and lays out the path for lenders to reduce costs while also increasing loan volume. Be sure to take advantage of this resource today.

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