GoDocs Shares Insights on Ensuring Lender Protection with Automation — An REI INK Exclusive Feature

In a rapidly growing fix and flip market, lenders are presented with unprecedented opportunities. GoDocs, the industry-leading loan document automation solution, has taken center stage with the article in REI INK that delves into ensuring lender protection in the ever-changing landscape of the fix and flip market. The article underscores the increasing relevance and promise of the fix and flip market, with impressive year-on-year growth.

As lenders venture and expand further into this space, they face new challenges that require innovative solutions beyond traditional approaches. Speed, flexibility, 50-state compliance, and the ability to navigate complexities are among the key demands highlighted in the article. To stay ahead of the competition and mitigate risks effectively, lenders must adopt new strategies that cater to the dynamic nature of the fix and flip market.

According to GoDocs data cited in the article, fix and flip loans have experienced remarkable performance, with a staggering 325% growth in Q3 2022 compared to the previous quarter. This momentum continued into Q4, witnessing a solid 50% expansion. The year-on-year surge of 280% from 2021 to 2022 has made the fix and flip market increasingly relevant and promising.

The article emphasizes the pivotal role of technology in ensuring lender protection. Cutting-edge automation solutions, like GoDocs, provide the flexibility and configurability lenders need to handle complex fix and flip loans with ease. Customization options empower lenders to adapt effortlessly to project agreements, including completion guaranties and project assignment agreements designed specifically for fix and flip construction loans.

One standout solution spotlighted in the article is real-time 50-state always-compliant automation. By leveraging such technology, lenders can confidently explore new opportunities, focusing on their core business while maintaining compliance.

“Flexibility and configurability have become crucial cornerstones of modern automation technology, transforming how lenders approach complex fix and flip loans. Advanced automation solutions now offer effortless customization, ensuring seamless adaptation to various project agreements assigned to lenders. These innovative platforms also provide tailor-made completion guaranties and project assignment agreements specifically designed for fix and flip construction loans.”

Cutting-edge technologies such as GoDocs provide the real-time 50-state always-compliant automation lenders need to explore any and all new opportunities in fix and flip loans. “By seamlessly ensuring compliance in every state, the focus can be on the core business, lending conditions can be navigated with confidence, and the position as industry leaders can be achieved by barely lifting a finger. With advanced automation solutions tailored to the needs of commercial lenders, any lending conditions can be confidently navigated, and a competitive edge in the industry can be gained.”

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