White Paper: Next-Gen Closing Doc Workflow

A Commercial Lending White Paper — Synchronizing Doc Gen Automation and the Attorney Relationship

Sometimes in commercial lending, we typically feel that the complexities of the loan process are simply inherent and unavoidable. After all, it’s detail-oriented work that requires the loan detail to cover any complexity needed. For this reason, many commercial lenders have stuck with the “tried and true” approach to documentation and leveraged teams of attorneys to draft closing docs. Automation, it is said by traditionalists, oversimplifies an inevitably unavoidable complex process.

In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The new, automated closing doc workflow offers transformational opportunities for your organization. In its best iterations, automation creates harmonious synchronization between technology and the existing attorney relationship, adding value to the process and taking none of the necessary “complexity” away.

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Click through to view the Commercial Lending White Paper: Synchronizing Doc Gen Automation and the Attorney Relationship. The white paper walks you through the intersection between attorneys and technology.

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In this white paper, we’ll discuss the subtle intersection between attorneys and technology and how the right automation solutions can foster a new relationship between these resources and your institution. By no means does the advent of automation spell the end of your in-house team or your trusted commercial law firm. Instead, you can leverage technology to create a faster, more efficient, accurate, and more affordable closing process in a way that capitalizes on your longstanding attorney relationships to create a next-gen workflow.

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