Evolving is a Must, and Here is Why

Too many industries have dug in their heels against automation for too long, including CRE. Evolving into a digital and automated landscape is a must at this point. Here’s why:  

Your competition is evolving.

The last thing you want is to get left behind. Your competition is adopting innovative technologies, so don’t be late for the game.

You’ve got escalating costs.

Attorneys cost money, and complex loans can escalate those costs. With an automated approach, you can better control costs and have cost transparency on your “attorney” needs in closing. 

The “Human Error” element.

Human error is inevitable. Even the most experienced attorneys and their paralegals can make mistakes. Automation eliminates this long-standing pain point in business. 

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Minimizing negotiations. Back-and-forth negotiations run up the attorney tab and can be very costly to the borrower. Reducing the need for extensive and ongoing negotiations makes lenders more attractive to customers. 

Borrower demand.

It’s the new millennium. Your customers expect automation and the speed and ease that comes with it. In this day and age, sticking with the analog equates to bad customer service. 

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