Why Commercial Banking Institutions Should Futureproof Now

Futureproofing in Commercial Lending

With ongoing shifts continuing to dominate the commercial lending landscape, savvy financial institutions (FIs) must keep one priority front and center—futureproofing strategies to remain competitive. As market dynamics shift and technological innovations accelerate, the urgency to adapt is more critical than ever for these institutions. New lending platforms are innovating rapidly, and even the most tried and true FIs will be left in the dust, losing business to more innovative technology lenders like Lima One, Anchor Loans, Kiavi, Blend, and Better.com, that leverage advanced digital solutions to streamline and accelerate the lending process.

Capitalizing on a Slow Market

One advantage FIs have in the current market? Its pace. The current slow pace of the market presents commercial banks with a unique opportunity to refine processes, enhance efficiency, and set a foundation for long-term success. By repurposing time saved during periods of reduced lending activity, FIs can focus on implementing new technologies and adopting digital platforms that streamline operations and improve customer experiences. By preparing now, FIs can ensure that they will be ready to handle a surge in loan demand when the market rebounds.

Where to Start? Digital Closing Platform

While commercial bank lenders have made significant advancements on the front-end and retail side of lending by digitizing the customer-facing aspects of the loan origination process, back-end processes remain largely antiquated. Digital tools have streamlined the initial capture of the loan request from the borrower, yet intermediary processes between the Loan Origination System (LOS) and client servicing are all too often manual and outdated. This can have a particular impact on the closing process, resulting in inefficiencies and errors that can expose FIs to increased risks.

The solution? Starting with a digital closing platform is the ideal place to begin. Updating and enhancing the closing process with an automated solution will significantly impact both the borrower’s experience and an FI’s own operational efficiency.

“Switching to GoDocs from LaserPro has reduced our loan processing time by 60% compared to my previous role [at a commercial lending bank]. We manage complex construction loans that are impossible to automate with LaserPro. GoDocs makes automating standard and sophisticated loans seamless and has truly become a partner in our success, not just a vendor.”

~ Kira Hintze, Underwriting Manager, CoFi 

Why Start Here?

  • Accelerate time to close
  • Win new business
  • Reduce process friction
  • Automate compliance updates
  • Scale to meet loan volume demand
  • Compete more effectively with Direct Lenders
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve borrower experience
  • Lend more profitably
  • Reduce dependency on outside counsel

By prioritizing the digital modernization of the closing process, commercial banks can differentiate themselves as forward-thinking lenders, eliminate customer pain points, and reduce risk exposure, positioning themselves for future success as market conditions continue to fluctuate.

Explore the Inner Workings of a Digital Closing Platform

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