Infographic: A Modern Approach to C&I Lending: 8 Facts Lenders Need to Know

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, commercial and industrial lending has become more complex than ever before. With increasing competition, regulatory changes, and economic fluctuations, lenders must adapt their lending approach to stay ahead of the curve. This C&I lending infographic outlines eight key facts that every lender needs to know to adopt a modern commercial and industrial lending approach. 

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Fact 1: Automation and Digitization

In the world of commercial and industrial lending, automation and digitization are becoming increasingly popular as lenders seek to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. GoDocs is a platform that simplifies the automation of C&I loan documents, offering a range of features that cater to the unique underwriting needs of commercial lenders while providing robust protections. 

Fact 2: Risk Management

Commercial and industrial lending involves managing various types of risks, including credit, market, and operational risks. To ensure a safe and sound loan portfolio, lenders need to adopt best practices for risk management. GoDocs offers an automated loan review safeguard feature to help C&I lenders proactively manage potential concerns or errors and stay compliant with changing regulations. 

Fact 3: Diverse Revenue Streams

Successful commercial lenders understand the importance of diversifying revenue streams to remain competitive. This can be achieved through product development and exploring new markets by tailoring products and services to the unique needs of borrowers. As lenders seek to diversify into the C&I space, they are turning to technology solutions like GoDocs to efficiently offer new lending products and streamline automation while ensuring compliance and managing unlimited loan capacity across multiple states. 

Fact 4: Document Flexibility

Flexibility in document automation is crucial for C&I lending success, as rigid templates can require the assistance of an attorney to finalize loan documentation, while incorporating loan complexities in real-time can provide greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

Fact 5: Adapting to Changing Times

To remain competitive and meet the changing needs of borrowers, C&I lenders must embrace digital loan document automation to take advantage of the cost-saving and timesaving benefits it offers. 

Fact 6: Cloud-Based Systems

Jeopardizing C&I loans by using on-premise automation solutions can overlook critical compliance updates, leading to prolonged closure times requiring intervention by an attorney. 

Fact 7: Maintain Strong Compliance Standards

Regulatory compliance is a top priority for lenders. Staying up to date with regulatory changes and ensuring compliance is critical to avoid legal and reputational risks. 

Fact 8: Reduce Closing Costs

Lenders are turning to streamlined tech solutions to reduce loan closing costs in the competitive C&I lending market, as outdated legacy software and high hourly rates from attorneys are costly. 

In conclusion, modernized commercial and industrial (C&I) lending requires a new approach that is automated and streamlined to serve a lender’s diverse needs. Lenders look to advanced tech solutions to solve this, and now is the best time to implement these types of technology solutions. 

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GoDocs offers an automated and digitized loan document platform with safeguards for risk management, diverse revenue streams, document flexibility, adaptability to changing times, cloud-based systems, and strong compliance standards. By embracing tech solutions and cloud-based systems, C&I lenders can stay ahead of the curve and thrive in today’s dynamic market. 

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