Case Study: First Mid Bank Fast-Tracks New Market Entry in Commercial Lending

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About First Mid Bank & Trust

First Mid Bank & Trust (First Mid), a leader in community-driven banking, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to growth through strategic acquisitions and a digital-first approach. This strategy has enabled First Mid to extend its market reach, enhance service capabilities, and drive business and community success across its regions.

Overcoming Market Entry Challenges

When targeting the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for expansion, First Mid faced significant hurdles, including:

  • New market expansion
  • State-specific compliance assurance
  • Lending delays and inefficiencies
  • High attorney costs and long turn-around times
  • Inadequacies with existing automation system

“Working with GoDocs has been an absolute game-changer for First Mid with out-of-market real estate collateral. Their platform streamlines document creation and management effortlessly, saving us valuable time and energy.”

~ Brittany McLaughlin, AVP and Commercial Loan Processing Manager II

Why GoDocs: The Solution for Rapid Expansion

First Mid chose GoDocs for its innovative closing platform and unparalleled compliance capabilities.

Results and Impact

The partnership with GoDocs delivered notable results for First Mid:

  • Rapid Market Entry Technology: Streamlining new market entry with advanced automation, reducing external legal counsel dependence
  • Automated 50-State Compliance: Ensuring 50-state compliance with real-time updates, including Texas community property laws
  • Outstanding Legal Infrastructure: Providing legal intelligence and disseminating statutory and case law updates and options
  • Customer Support Excellence: Delivering white-glove customer support throughout implementation, training, and continued support

“GoDocs is very user-friendly. Their information is straightforward with tips along the way. They even made the complex entity structures easier, and the support received throughout the process is always phenomenal!”

~ Brittany Stansbury, Central Loan Processing Manager

Accelerated Execution for Rapid Market Access

  • Launched in just eight weeks
  • Instant compliance automation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive training
  • Expedited revenue generation
  • Secured future benefits with loan modification capabilities

Unique Custom Features

  • Non-traditional principal and interest payment structures
  • Enabled diverse borrower support, from urban real estate to agricultural loans

Fast Implementation, Easy to Operate

  • Intuitive design/ease of use required minimal training
  • Simplified management of complex entity structures
  • Proactive customer support
  • Ongoing delivery of legal intelligence and guidance

This partnership highlights how GoDocs sets new standards for banks, helping them overcome growth barriers — improving efficiency, compliance, and market entry.

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