Digitizing Commercial Lending Case Study: theLender

GoDocs Releases Digital Commercial Lending Technology Case Study Detailing Partnership Success with theLender in the Private Lending Market

GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, has released a digital lending technology case study titled “theLender: Leveraging digital lending technologies to accelerate growth and leapfrog the competition in the private lending market” which chronicles the successful partnership between the two innovative companies. 

theLender (Hometown Equity Mortgage) is a California-based company and industry leader specializing in wholesale mortgage lending. Historically, the non-QM space has been relatively static and underutilized. However, with high-interest rates for QM loans, borrowers are looking for more solutions. At the same time, private lenders are working to keep loan costs down and offer a more frictionless and affordable lending experience. theLender, with this strategic technology partnership with GoDocs, was able to recognize this gap in the market and address the pressing needs of both lenders and borrowers. 

A Digital Transformation Case Study

Leveraging digital lending technologies to accelerate growth and leapfrog the competition in the private lending market.

theLender has been able to transform the private lending landscape space by offering a full suite of products and incorporating the latest in research and technology. To help build on its momentum, the company started looking for innovative and uncomplicated ways to accelerate the lending process and grow theLender’s loan volume by order of magnitude. After an exhaustive search, they decided to turn to GoDocs for help meeting their ambitious goals for growth.

GoDocs, as published in the case study, helped theLender achieve full automation for the loan documentation process for each of its unique loan products. The closing documents for each loan are ordered in seconds by theLender’s loan closers. The GoDocs automation includes document auto-population through a direct import from the Encompass loan origination system. In just the first month of the partnership with GoDocs, theLender was able to efficiently process more than 100 loans. That number tripled over the course of the next month and after just six months, the company is well on its way towards achieving a 10x increase in volume by capturing market share against the competition.

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For a closer look at how QM and non-QM loans work, check out the comprehensive Lender’s Guide to Documenting Non-QM Loans.

“Our work with theLender showcases the future of private commercial lending. While the industry may have been slow to adapt to new technology, there is no doubt that automation has arrived and will be a driving force in the success of lenders. GoDocs is proud to act as a catalyst for this positive and progressive change and excited to have the opportunity to work with other like-minded companies,” says Stephen Butler, CEO of GoDocs.

This latest case study details how GoDocs was able to provide customized solutions and quickly onboard theLender in order to support their aggressive goals for scaling the company at a time when non-QM loans and the private lending suite of loan offerings are becoming increasingly important. Anyone interested in lending will find the case study a valuable resource that provides a look at the future of private lending. 

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About GoDocs

GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, offers next-generation software solutions for banks, credit unions, and private lenders to create a streamlined process for closing commercial loans. They provide lenders and borrowers with access to the first and only purely cloud-based system that offers a solution that is both flexible and frictionless. This allows commercial lending to operate at scale. GoDocs has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to modernizing organizations and embracing the power of digital transformation. Today, the company is trusted by industry-leading banks and is proud to back its solutions with onshore support for a seamless experience.

About theLender

theLender was created to make a difference. As a group of proven industry leaders who recently founded one of the largest and fastest-growing wholesale mortgage companies in the USA, we aim to change the stagnant landscape of Wholesale mortgage – one partnership, one loan, and one day at a time.

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