GoDocs Highlights Private Lending Insights From the NPLA Conference — An REI INK Exclusive Feature

One truth was on clear display at the recent 59th edition of the NPLA Conference held in Austin— private lending is on the brink of transformation. GoDocs team members Mark Rothschild and Tucker Wade were there, and their insightful coverage of this industry-leading event has been prominently featured in an exclusive REI INK article.

The REI INK article shares highlights from a panel convened during a session entitled “Forecasting the Future: Expert Predictions on Private Lending.” Thought leaders Jeff Tennyson of Lima One Capital, Stephan Leccese of Feather Lane Group, Glenn Tatham of Churchill Real Estate, Pavel Tchourliaev of Mortgage Automator, and Ezra Dweck of Ice Cap Group shared their current forecasts and insights into the rapidly changing private lending landscape.

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Key Takeaways

Taking a Holistic Approach: How can lenders improve their positions in an economy in which strategic positioning relies on long-term performance? By transitioning from a traditional, transaction-oriented model of lending to a more holistic lending strategy.

Driving Success via Specialization: Tightening industry margins that should last in the near and mid-term require an innovative approach centered on specialization. By defining themselves as SMEs in their space, lenders can overcome low-profit margins.

Adapting & Staying Agile: Tennyson of Lima One Capital cited technology as the ultimate risk management tool in current economic conditions. By strategically leveraging technology and data, lenders can engage in the most effective risk monitoring and diversify across products, regions, and borrower profiles.

Aligning with the Right Partners: In this environment, is it better to sell or hold? The panelists stated that the choice hinges on working with the right partners. Success with either approach depends on having the best partnerships in place.

Adopting Transformational Technology: The transformational potential of technology in private lending was front and center, as well. The most forward-thinking private lenders overcome adoption hesitancy and embrace the power of automation solutions, as exemplified by providers such as GoDocs, to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and drive sustained growth.

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