GoDocs Rolls out Nationwide Account Management Team

Irvine, California – May 19, 2022 – GoDocs (https://godocs.com/), GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation today, announces the launch of their nationwide account management team. This latest expansion is a direct reflection of the company’s commitment to a customer-centric culture. While GoDocs is leveraging the latest automation technology, they continue to stay focused on the customer experience.

The new account management team consists of professionals across the country who represent the best in banking and fintech experts. GoDocs has worked hard to recruit the top people in the field so that the company can continue to meet its own high standards for customer service and satisfaction.

In fact, over its 20+ years in the commercial lending space, GoDocs has earned top marks in customer satisfaction measurements. The company also has a #1 Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is the industry’s proven metric for measuring customer loyalty, understanding the customer experience, and predicting business growth. GoDocs has consistently demonstrated that it is walking the walk when it comes to making the customer experience a core part of its company culture.

Vic Sunshine, Senior VP of Sales at GoDocs, had this to say about the new account management team, “We want our customers to know that they have quick and easy access to the expert support they need to fully take advantage of all that GoDocs has to offer. A nationwide account management team will allow us to continue to prioritize customer satisfaction as we expand and transform the commercial lending space.”

While technology and innovation play vital roles at GoDocs, the company is fundamentally people driven. “We understand that our people are our greatest resource and that our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Having a nationwide account management team will provide customers with a personalized experience that continues to make GoDocs an industry leader,” said GoDocs CEO, Steve Butler.

In recent years, GoDocs has experienced rapid and impressive growth. Much of their success can be attributed to pursuing a customer-first vision. They have perfected a formula that balances customer service with cutting-edge products and services. This has allowed them to secure the top spot in the marketplace and position the company for even more expansions to meet the needs of its customers.

About GoDocs

GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, offers next-generation software solutions for banks, credit unions, and private lenders to create a streamlined process for closing commercial loans. They provide lenders and borrowers with access to the first and only purely cloud-based system that offers a solution that is both flexible and frictionless. This allows commercial lending to operate at scale. GoDocs has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to modernizing organizations and embracing the power of digital transformation. Today, the company is trusted by industry-leading banks and is proud to back its solutions with onshore support for a seamless experience.

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