Guide to Construction Loan Issues for the Commercial Loan Market

Get Your Comprehensive Guide to Construction Loan Issues for the Commercial Loan Market

The pandemic has affected every sector of the economy. With the world reopening, we are seeing positive growth in the commercial construction sector. There is a demand for affordable housing and developers are turning to lenders to help fund new projects. Navigating the commercial construction loan process can be full of pitfalls, but not if you have a clear understanding of how to mitigate risk and protect the interest of all parties. That is why GoDocs has put together an easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide that outlines all the important issues related to commercial construction lending and documentation best practices.  

Understanding the Current Market

The last few years have been historic in many ways that have been reflected in an ever-changing real estate market. That is why lenders want to see that new developments are in line with demand and rental rates. With housing inventory down significantly since the pandemic and rental rates on the rise, there is a good case for new construction. The guide will walk you through more details about the current market and best practices for approaching lenders.

Addressing Concerns of Construction Lenders

As you work your way through the development process, it is important to take a moment to address the concerns that construction lenders will have when they consider a loan. The lender is taking on certain financial risks and there are always variables that can affect the success of a project. It is up to the developer to be specific about how these risks will be minimized as much as possible. The GoDocs guide provides excellent advice on how to address and manage lender concerns.

The Importance of Reporting and Insurance

Two more important tools that can help to ensure the success of a project are providing regular reporting and purchasing the right insurance. If there isn’t any oversight, it can be easy for a project to get off the rails without anyone noticing until it is too late. That is why it is important to not only conduct your regular reporting but also be open and welcoming to inspections and reporting from lenders. 

In addition, it is important to have certain insurance policies in place before construction gets underway. Hopefully, the project goes smoothly, but all parties should be prepared for worst-case scenarios. The GoDocs guide to construction loan issues gives a breakdown of the basic types of insurance that are recommended. 

GoDocs is at the forefront of integrating technology and commercial real estate lending. Be sure to consult their “Construction Loan Issues Guide for the Commercial Loan Market” for answers to all your questions about the state of the commercial construction real estate market, how to secure funds for new developments, and best practices for managing a successful construction project.


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