MBA CREF 2022 RECAP. Tremendous optimism about the CRE market.

The 2022 MBA CREF conference was a resounding success filled with inspirational speakers, educational events, cutting-edge exhibitors, and much more. The opening general session featured an address from Earvin “Magic” Johnson, which set the bar for the rest of the conference. If you weren’t able to attend this year, here is a quick look at the conference from the team at GoDocs.

The Legendary Magic Johnson at MBA CREF

While Magic Johnson is best known for his legendary NBA career, he is also extensively involved in commercial real estate. In fact, he owns around 100 Starbucks and many other commercial real estate properties. During MBA CREF he expressed his gratitude for being able to gather together again and share ideas after the pandemic put everyone on a two-year hiatus. We all shared in this sentiment and the excitement in the room helped jumpstart the conference.

Super Bowl Extravaganza

This enthusiasm carried over into a massive Super Bowl party at MBA CREF. The game was broadcast on several huge screens with amazing surround sound. While the fans were split on which team they wanted to win, everyone agreed that the food and drinks were of Super Bowl-caliber. From hotdogs and shrimp cocktails to Italian beef and a great selection of drinks, the party provided all the classic game-day food.

Breakout Session Highlights at MBA CREF

What Comes Next? Industry Future Perspectives

Of course, the MBA CREF social events were just one facet of the conference. There were also meaningful and insightful breakout sessions. “What Comes Next? Industry Future Perspectives,” which was co-hosted by Angela Mago, President, Key Commercial Bank, stood out as a particularly interesting discussion.

Like many in commercial real estate, Mago is gung ho about the future of fintech and how technology can be incorporated into the industry. Ultimately, there is no single tech provider that can offer end-to-end technology, from prework to analyzing and documenting, to LOS (loan origination system) and loan closing document software. That means that there is plenty of space for new solutions to enter the market and advance fintech.

MBA CREF’s “Waking Up from the Slumber: What to Expect from Bank Lenders in the New Credit Cycle”

Another notable breakout session at MBA CREF was “Waking Up from the Slumber: What to Expect from Bank Lenders in the New Credit Cycle.” Bankers, bankers, and more bankers, the session discussed the current state of the industry outlining that hospitality and industrial sectors are continuing to perform well. While multifamily is still a primary focus among lenders, there was a strong call for diversification. In particular, 2022 is expected to see a new focus on student housing.

Tremendous Optimism About the Commercial Real Estate Market

Overall, there is tremendous optimism about the commercial real estate market following some precarious years during the pandemic. Commercial real estate is reaching the trillion-dollar mark and shows no signs of slowing. This was heavily discussed at MBA CREF and is great news for lenders, developers, investors, and the economy in general.

The MBA CREF conference offered an exciting look at the future of the industry. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is the continuing need to integrate more technology into the commercial lending process. GoDocs is already there with LOS integration and is proud to be ahead of the game with this needed wave of innovation by automating commercial loan documents for banks, credit unions, and private investors where we integrate our solutions into LOS systems for our customers. We are excited to be a key contributor to the next-gen technology for commercial lending. 

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