On-Demand Webinar: Managing Default Rates

A Balancing Act in a Multistate Commercial Lending Environment

Unlock the secrets to optimizing returns while navigating complex state regulations.

About the Webinar

Navigating the intricate landscape of default interest rates in commercial lending, especially on a nationwide or multi-state scale, is a challenge that demands a deep understanding of state-specific regulations and industry best practices. Our enlightening on-demand webinar delves into this complex terrain, offering valuable insights for effectively managing default interest rates in a multi-state lending environment. Whether you operate nationwide or in numerous states, this session equips you with essential knowledge to enhance compliance, streamline operations, and optimize lending strategies for sustainable growth.

Our webinar brings together a panel of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the commercial lending domain. Each panelist offers a unique perspective, drawing from their expertise to enrich the discussion. With diverse backgrounds in legal, financial, and operational aspects of commercial lending, our panelists collectively provide a well-rounded view of the subject. Their insights offer practical guidance and actionable strategies that lenders can implement to effectively manage default interest rates and optimize their lending operations.

Meet the Panelists

  • Abigail Williams, Senior Director, Legal and Compliance at Lima One Capital: Abigail brings a wealth of experience and expertise in legal and compliance matters within the commercial lending industry. Her role at Lima One Capital, a key player in the private lender sector, equips her to provide insights into navigating legal and compliance challenges.

  • Ren R Hayhurst, Sr. Counsel, Executive Director for Loan Automation at GoDocs: Ren is a notable expert with a deep understanding of commercial lending technology, particularly in loan automation. With a focus on legal aspects, Ren provides valuable insights into how technology is shaping and advancing commercial lending operations at GoDocs.

  • Zach Wallin, Senior Director of Legal Operations at GoDocs: Zach leverages his role as Senior Director of Legal Operations at GoDocs to offer valuable perspectives on legal operational aspects within commercial lending. His insights encompass the intersection of legal processes and operational efficiency.

  • Tucker Wade, Senior Director of Legal and Compliance at GoDocs: Tucker, with his extensive experience and role as Senior Director of Legal and Compliance at GoDocs, provides insights into the legal and compliance landscape within the commercial lending domain. His expertise offers valuable guidance on navigating legal complexities.


Together, our panelists provide a comprehensive view of the subject, offering practical guidance and actionable strategies to effectively manage default interest rates and optimize lending operations.

Key Webinar Highlights

  • Understanding default interest rates and state-specific regulations
  • Impact of default interest rates on profitability and loan portfolio performance
  • Usury Savings Clause: Corrective tool for lenders
  • Risk tolerance and strategic approaches for future loans
  • Practical considerations: applicability, calculations, and penalties
  • GoDocs’ response to legal developments and a unique automated ecosystem
  • Q&A

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