GoDocs Unveils GoDocs CommercialConnect™

A Synergistic API Solution to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost for Commercial Lenders

Irvine, California – January 5, 2023 –   Today, GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, announced the unveiling of their revolutionary API solution, GoDocs CommercialConnect™. This latest ‘one-of-a-kind’ innovation by GoDocs was designed especially for the commercial lending space and allows for unprecedented connectivity between third-party and proprietary lending platforms. As an industry-first API built specifically for commercial lenders, this latest solution from the automation leader delivers on its promise to reduce costs by streamlining the entire commercial loan process and continues the company’s tradition of innovating and leading in the space.

GoDocs, with its focus on supporting the commercial lending space, is committed to helping lenders integrate the latest technology into their operations. The commercial lending industry is a unique world that requires and deserves customized solutions. GoDocs CommercialConnect provides a unique and dynamic structure encompassing the commercial lending ecosystem. The interface is designed for ease of use and a low-code deployment that enables complete customization and uses fewer resources — allowing commercial lenders to focus more on lending and less on managing their technology partners.

The dynamic data modeling employed by GoDocs delivers a self-guided workflow that asks the right questions at the right time based on the user’s response. Out of the box, the API supports hundreds of commercial lending data fields for automating the most complex commercial real estate transactions. The system incorporates a variety of custom components including non-standard vesting, multiple security instruments, complex entity structures, and ancillary documents. All of these components are supported across all GoDocs commercial loan document packages. This purpose-built commercial lending API accelerates integration, lowers costs, and makes loan processing more accurate. A high-value API like GoDocs CommercialConnect allows lenders to leverage data more efficiently in service of improved processes and enhanced collaboration.

“GoDocs CommercialConnect builds API configuration directly into the customer onboarding process for the industry’s only commercial lending-specific API,” says GoDocs CEO Steve Butler. “Incorporating new technology shouldn’t be a cumbersome process. We want our customers to be able to hit the ground running with our solutions, while experiencing the synergy and efficiency that can really enhance opportunities for borrowers, lenders, builders, and developers.”

GoDocs CommercialConnect provides a wide range of benefits that address the challenges and concerns of the customer. The proprietary platform is completely scalable and includes the best in data security. With its customizable design, users can utilize any standard or custom data fields and enjoy fast and easy access to their data and documents. Processes that used to take days can now be executed in just minutes without sacrificing security or accuracy. With fewer mistakes and quicker turnaround times, customers can enjoy a dynamic API solution that is poised to transform the industry.

GoDocs’ API solution is already delivering results, transforming and accelerating solutions in the industry. “We are thrilled about this integration that brings efficiency and scalability to the way our customers generate their commercial loan documents. Our goal is to streamline applications and processes to provide our customers with world-class frictionless operations. The GoDocs CommercialConnect API speaks to our level of commitment to our commercial lending customers,” said Anurag Garodia, Applied Business Software, Chief Business Officer.

Moving forward, GoDocs remains committed to delivering innovative solutions to the commercial lending industry that many thought was impossible a couple of years ago. With this innovative and disruptive spirit, the company demonstrates each and every day just how compatible technology is with commercial lending and loan documentation, improving accuracy, ensuring complete compliance, and accelerating labor-intensive processes. With GoDocs CommercialConnect, users can optimize their existing platforms and data sets and build a bridge between all these systems. This latest solution is just another example of how GoDocs is a leading innovator and catalyst for an evolving industry.

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GoDocs, the automation leader in commercial loan document generation, offers a next-generation software platform for banks, credit unions, and private lenders that creates a streamlined process for closing commercial loans. The first and only purely SaaS system for automated loan document generation, GoDocs provides lenders with a digital solution that requires no training to use. The company has the #1 NPS customer satisfaction score in the industry and is trusted by industry-leading banks as well as community banks, Federal and local credit unions, and private lenders of all sizes. GoDocs is proud to back its solutions with 100% onshore support. 

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